We sell unlocked pre-owned and refurbished

Android & Apple iPhones  with full-hardware warranty!

Save Money

  • No need to enter into a contract with a telecommunications carrier -- the "inexpensive" phone they offer comes with the higher monthly bill.
  • An unlocked pre-owned cell phone allows you to shop for your best-priced cell phone plan, and it gives you the option to purchase a pre-paid sim card in any country so that you can save money on cellular/data charges when traveling outside of USA.

Help the Environment: Renewable is Doable

  • Reduce the negative impact electronics have on our environment by purchasing a refurbished or used mobile device.
  • Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics:

Reduce Financial Risk

  • Warranty:
    1- iPhones/iPads: 6 months hardware warranty
    2- Androids: 3 months hardware warranty
  • Should something go wrong with a hardware issue during the warranty period, we have highly skilled technicians that will use quality parts to fix your device quickly, and for free.
  • Should your phone get blacklisted within the warranty period, we will replace the mobile device with the same model or one of equal value.
  • Warranty does not cover physical damage to the device caused by drops, pressure, fire, water, etc
  • All used mobile device sales are final -- no returns.

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